Celebrating two new site launches

A whistlestop tour of what Sereno has been doing lately.

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Rod Tatham
Celebrating two new site launches

Most web builders will tell you that the two nicest parts of most web projects are (1) the excitement of planning out the new solution, and (2) the delight of the launch. It's great to see your efforts - and those of your client - bear fruit and find their place on the Internet.

This month we have been pleased to launch successfully two websites that we are very proud of.

Site build for Women and Girls Network

Women and Girls Network is a charity providing a free service run by women, for women in London who have been affected by all forms of violence and abuse.

We were delighted to plan, design and build a brand new website for such a good cause. Starting our process with a long hard look at the users - just as we always do - our designs were focussed on a set of user journeys which aim to transform the site for visitors. We continued with the design and the build sprints successfully. We're looking forward to seeing the site stats improve dramatically, since we carefully baked in SEO improvements. Women and Girls Network were certainly delighted with the result:

It looks great and instantly approachable, positive and welcoming.

Women and Girls Network - desktop and mobile

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A new website for Cumberland Lodge

We have worked with Cumberland Lodge for many years, and we really pleased to partner with them in migrating their website to Drupal 8.

We'd cut our teeth last year on Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migrations. We anticipated from this experience that yes, the bulk of data would migrate fine, but a handful of hiccoughs would cause us some headaches. And sure enough, the migration path had some tricky challenges, particularly around moving media items to the new design. But we persevered and got over these bumps, and delivered a totally fresh new design with great navigation that matched Cumberland Lodge's aspirations. The outcome was a lovely, highly usable site with some great, modernised search tools and easy-to-use editor tools.

Cumberland Lodge update to Drupal 8

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