Learning Drupal the video way @ Drupalize.me

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Rod Tatham

Here at Sereno we've often kicked about the idea of offering Drupal training, & we're always open to learning about Drupal ourselves.

So signing up to Drupal video training from Drupalize.me a couple of months back was a no-brainer. Drupalize.me's offers quite a few one-off videos, which tend to be recordings of stand-up sessions from various Drupal events. While these can be useful, Drupalize.me's uniqueness lies in its video series, which really put clear water between its offferings and the freely available video learning that's already on-line.

Core subject series like Advanced Theming for Drupal 7 or Drupal's Rules Framework are built up by combining shorter presentations from different trainers lasting up to 30 minutes each. As a whole, video series can last for three or four hours and offer quality, expert learning.

To my mind, this is the stand-out feature which can justify the money. And with its recent link-up with NodeOne, the learning available on the site is growing month-on-month. Signing up for on-line learning can be joining a gym on New Years' Day - a good intention that gets squeezed out by time pressures. But at £30-odd per month (and you only have to sign up for one month at a time), Drupalize.me is well worth looking at if it suits your learning style and you have the necessary time to invest.