Quick wins for knowledge sharing on your intranet

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John Newton
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It's challenging to effectively share useful information amongst team members. Very often members of staff find something useful on the intranet or the web they'd like to share with colleagues but the process can be painful. Using social media is often not an option as there might be privacy issues on intranet content and you can't guarantee your colleagues will always be using the same networks. So what are your options to improve sharing on your intranet?

It's likely you already have some method of making good content shareable although perhaps this isn't obvious. Simply liking a piece of content or rating it on your intranet at least does spread the reach of what's useful in a more or less clear way. Additionally, if your intranet shows popular content this will help flag up content (at least on the intranet) that many people visit often and presumably find useful. Your intranet might also have email links set up on content to make it easy for staff to forward a link. Again, this is not exactly ideal but is certainly better than nothing. Finally, don't forget your internal newsletter. Invite staff to send in their links and add this as section to your regular staff email.

Ideally, you should have an easy to use sharing feature on your site. This should enable staff to share internal links and also links to content on the web generally. However, if your options to configure features on your intranet are limited - in which case you are not using Drupal! - then consider third party content curation solutions. While content curation has been around for a while now, creating customised content dashboards is becoming more sophisticated. Your organisation, or your own department or team, will want to keep on top of what's going on each day and share information. Driven by smart software, these tools can work as standalone solutions or be integrated as part of your suite of internal tools. You can set up some content curation systems to work in this way so that you can share the most relevant content with selected individuals or teams in your organisation. Flipboard is a popular curation tool that offers site embedding. Curata is also worth checking out as it comes with a number of integrations including Drupal. Less well-known perhaps but with a loyal following is Anders Pink, again a tool that faciltates group sharing and will most likely integrate with your intranet. 

If you have any suggestions for other content curation tools please leave a comment here. If you would need to develop social sharing and content curation tools on your Druapl intranet or are interested in finding out mroe about Sereno Intranet, please get in touch.