Sereno Intranet is our flagship product

It's a flexible purpose-built intranet for charities.

Sereno Intranet - the affordable, flexible intranet for charities

Sereno Intranet is affordable, quick to deploy and really flexible to customise. Sereno Intranet is built on top of Drupal - the world's best open source content management system. Drupal offers rock-solid security, easy content editing, best-in-breed accessibility and above all a fantastic user experience.

Drupal helps us to match feature for feature even the largest intranet providers, whilst saving our clients licence fees year on year. And as Sereno Intranet is open source, you are not tied in to restrictive ownership and support arrangements. 

Sereno Intranet on a laptop and mobile device

How to get up and running with Sereno Intranet

Sereno Intranet allows you to build your off-the-shelf charity intranet solution very rapidly - but with friendly support offered every step of the way. Here’s how.

  1. We spend time with you discussing and analysing your needs so we can configure the intranet to best meet your unique requirements
  2. We apply your branding, build out your intranet and then work with you to manage your release for maximum effectiveness
  3. You're ready to go! But you're not alone - we monitor your site and use review and improvement check points to meet with you and make your intranet even better
  4. And all the while we continue to support you via our online ticket system and telephone helpdesk


Sereno Intranet is the perfect affordable off-the-shelf charity intranet solution with plenty of tools to help you communicate and get things done together.
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