How we're continuing to provide support services and develop new websites and intranets while Covid-19 restrictions remain in force.

Our Services During Covid-19

We are able to provide a full service to our clients during the pandemic. We are mainly working from home and we have a call routing service so there's always someone at the end of the line if you need to call us.

Each week, we visit our offices in Brighton in order to provide essential back-up verification work which cannot be completed from home. As such, we are able to access any packages that may be sent to us in New England House, Brighton.

Workshops and meetings during Lockdown

We are able to run development workshops during lockdown using Zoom. While we normally run these sessions face-to-face, using physical media like whiteboards, cards and stickies, we're now carrying out these activities through Zoom sessions alongside our project management software. While this is not a perfect substitute for meeting up - and we can't wait for this to return to normal! - it is certainly proving an effective approach.

Website design workshops can be run effectively using Zoom and our project management software.

We've noticed that sessions are shorter (this is an organic result of working online) and of course it's saving everyone travel time and expense. So while we miss the human contact, there are efficiencies for everyone and there's undoubtedly a net environmental gain from not using transport or physical media like paper, ink and so forth.

Budgets can go further

All our projects are costed carefully and we will work to fix budgets. Our hours are recorded transparently so you can use our project management system to track how your time is being used. We're already finding that shifting tools to online is compressing time that would otherwise be spent in travel (where this applies) and in physical meetings. As such, more time can be spent on design and development.

Once Covid-19 is brought under control, we anticipate returning to face-to-face workshop selectively, or we'll provide online alternatives for clients. Face-to-face is obviously more fun and may provide certain advantages in terms of information flow. It might be a better approach for more complex projects. However, having the option to save time and resource by meeting exclusively online might well be optimum for smaller projects where goals are fairly well understood and budgets are restricted.

We'll be updating this page with further information as the situation changes over the coming months.