Anatomy Museum


  • editors can select veterinary resources and online feeds and publish them in one place automatically using a single tool
  • easy kit for content managers for publishing multi-media assets
  • provides an integrated window for users onto complex content generated from a number of third party APIs seamlessly
  • delivers educational resources with light-touch editor involvement


The Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum brings together some of the best of the world's available veterinary resources into a single collection. We designed and built the online museum website in Drupal to deliver a collection housed in the AssetBank CDN. OVAM administrators can organise their collection based on their CDN and so constantly update the resource for students, professionals and members of the public. 


This project opens up an enormous collection of valuable learning materials by bringing together contributed items through a CDN and delivered elegantly through Drupal.

See for yourself at:

Sereno has consistently offered us the highest quality support in planning, developing and supporting our projects.

Nick Short, Head eMedia