CGL Staff Intranet


  • ongoing user research and UX activity makes for a product that's always improving
  • multi-step, document management of controlled documents supported by a workflow
  • easy content management allows comms to deliver according to a schedule
  • advanced faceted search tools for users, documents and projects
  • seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) to Moodle and other third party systems
  • migration of 4,600+ users and thousands of pages of content from legacy system
  • continuous improvement over many years
  • hosting and support


Combining the power of Drupal's extensive module library along with custom module development, we were able to build an intranet targeted at the precise needs of the organisation at the fraction of the cost of many off-the-shelf solutions like SharePoint. 

The specification included migration of 4,600+ users and thousands of controlled documents like policies, workflow publishing, geolocation, advanced search, content tagging and single sign-on (SSO) integration with third-party tools like Moodle.

CGL Intranet
Intranet directories of people and projects

The Job

CGL's Plone-based intranet had done sterling service but was creaking at the seams with the organisation's rapidly growing profile. Following cost-benefit analyses between intranet technologies such as SharePoint, CGL opted for a Drupal intranet. This was a good move - they avoided hefty licence fees and vendor lock-in by choosing open source.

There followed an intensive internal process of staff surveying and branding activity. Sereno was chosen to build on this work and undertook the discovery phase for of a brand new Drupal 7 intranet to help CGL meet identified goals:

  • migrate 4,600+ users from a Symfony staff database
  • migrate thousands of policy documents and other critical downloads to Drupal
  • apply strict workflow rules to these documents based on staff roles and expiry dates
  • rationalise other content (including news, events, calendaring, staff alerts), migrating existing content where necessary
  • develop a mobile-friendly, responsive theme that won't break on the staff computers' browsers
  • make the administrative process easy and provide staff training where necessary
  • phase roll-out of the above to minimise staff disruption


CGL Intranet site map
Project sprints and release points

Working alongside the Charity Customer

A collaborative approach was needed, since CGL had an internal design team to be trained in Drupal theming as part of the process. Nineteen distinct sprints fell out of the Discovery Phase, each sprint creating a piece of working software that would benefit the organisation straight away.

    Project Phases
    Development Phases

    Moodle Integration

    Sereno's new intranet moved 96% of CGL's pages onto Drupal. The Moodle LMS was retained as part of the change management. Sereno built a single sign-on (SSO) solution so staff wouldn't have multiple passwords to remember. Drupal's authentication was used and Sereno built a module to make the join to Moodle seamless to the end user.

    Features included:

    • Account management tools and extensive site administration area based on roles and access privileges;
    • Document Publishing and workflow - categorisation of documents linked to publishing roles with approval system;
    • Policy document library - sortable, searchable document areas making extensive use of tagging;
    • Project and People Directories - searchable staff using advanced faceted search, projects, departments and location. Line management relationships, team membership and contact details. Integration with Google maps to provide country-wide views;
    • Dynamic and personalised content. Content tagged to by role access. Content can be published by role and organised into categories;
    • News, jobs and blogs publishing system - automated with date triggers to publish/unpublish;
    • Group based functionality - creation of distinct sub-areas of the site to provide group/thematic private areas;
    • Mass mail functionality;
    • Social media integration, including personalised accounts by staff profile;
    • Linking via single sign on (SSO) to related tools, including Moodle LMS, a face-to-face training booking system and Quality toolset;
    • Self-service features for users to maintain parts of their record;
    • Discussion forums;
    • Wellbeing zone with tools to share experience and resources;
    • Reporting area tagged by service type and location. Drupal user data capture and reporting along with Google Analytics integration.

    The Result

    The project was delivered on time and on budget. 4,600 happy users!

    Sereno have worked with CGL over many years. They have always provided high quality, flexible and creative services delivered on time and on budget.

    Mike Pattinson, Executive Director