IDS Search Tools


  • User Experience (UX) led to a set of user journeys and agreed wireframes
  • search pulled in data from a number of resources and combined them seamlessly
  • responsive search listing page allowed dynamic language selection for your session
  • working software prototype of a faceted search results page enabled interactive searching based on new category sets

The Challenge

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a leading global institution for development research, teaching and learning, and impact and communications, based at the University of Sussex. IDS is home to approximately 100 researchers affiliated to thematic research clusters, 70 knowledge professionals, 65 professional staff and about 200 students.

IDS had an existing thematically-arranged information service specialising in gender and development research called BRIDGE. But it needed to move to a multi-lingual solution, and to raise its game as a searchable, mobile-friendly resource.

The Solution

Sereno helped IDS develop a more user-centred approach, quickly developing a series of wireframes (example below). This helped form a more holistic view of the user experience (UX) for search and find. We also developed a prototype search solution, based on Drupal's Search API module.

IDS wireframe
IDS Search Wireframe

We worked with IDS to define the categories needed to drive the new multi-lingual search implementation (in Drupal-speak, this equates to 'taxonomies'). This was based on the agreed user journeys. We created and delivered working software to provide IDS with an advanced, faceted search solution. Users could now dynamically select one or more categories in the language of their choice and drill down on what was previously an unmanageable number of assets.


  • New categories and tagging solution for the library;
  • user research documented and delivered, including user journeys and wireframing;
  • working interactive Search API software developed and delivered on time and on budget;
  • multi-lingual implementation;
  • huge benefit of a workable, friendly, dynamic search solution to a huge library of IDS's resources.