Intranet Development with Sereno Intranet

A communications-driven intranet tool for charities that’s easy to use and tailored to your needs.

Sereno Intranet:

  • is aimed at charities who need a tool to address internal communication challenges, sometimes replacing or complementing an existing intranet product

  • is easy to configure, cost effective, rich in functionality, well supported and able to improve over time

  • puts you in control of a consistent, easy to use communication platform tailored to the needs all staff and stakeholders, and providing a single point of access to enterprise sites, apps and directories

  • is unlike other intranet tools that can be expensive, complicated, high maintenance and difficult to customise (e.g. Sharepoint) or other products that leave you to do most of the work (e.g. open source tools).

Sereno Intranet on a laptop and mobile device

Sereno Intranet will give you:

  • an internal comms platform that is tailored for use by charities and able to adapt to meet your needs

  • a tool to publish consistent internal comms tailored to your audience leading to better understanding of mission and values and improved staff engagement

  • a single point of access for enterprise apps such as the staff directory and calendar, ensuring that they are easy to find

  • improved collaboration through use of online tools enabling teams to work remotely and leading to improved productivity

  • a platform that improves over time, lengthening the life of your intranet and ensuring you maximise the return on your initial investment

  • a cost effective and robust tool based on a well-supported open source platform (Drupal).

Social Networking
Internal vacancies
Partner Access
Desktop, tablet and mobile
News and Alerts

User Directory
Documents and Files

Forms Builder
Advanced Search
Wellbeing Zone

Why Drupal?

Sereno Intranet is built on top of Drupal – the world’s best open source content management system. We often get asked why we use Drupal over other technologies.

  • Drupal offers rock-solid security, easy content editing, best- in-breed accessibility and above all a fantastic user experience.

  • Drupal is used by hundreds of educational institutions around the world including University of Oxford, Dundee University, Harvard University, Stanford Law School, and Rutgers University. There are over one million organisations using Drupal, including The Economist, Tesla Motors, The White House, Pfizer, the Government of Australia, and Time Inc.

  • Drupal allows us to match feature for feature even the largest intranet providers, whilst saving our clients license fees year on year. And as sereno intranet is open source, you are not tied into restrictive ownership and support arrangements.

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