Lightweight learning with Wordpress

What we've learnt using LifterLMS as our learning delivery platform for Wordpress.

We’ve been continuing to build out a site using LifterLMS as our learning delivery platform. We are seasoned Moodle experts but wanted something lighter that would also integrate easily into the Wordpress ecosystem.

LifterLMS offers a compelling light-weight alternative to Moodle. It is a much smaller offering than the long established Moodle behemoth but ticks all the core boxes. It offers enough functionality for start-ups and experienced e-learning professionals. Granted it does not have a client base and development community at the scale of Moodle and we have not yet tried running the system with very large user bases, something we have done very successfully with Moodle. But the feature set is well thought-out, the supporting materials excellent and like all the best Wordpress plugins it provides content editors and learners with great usability.

For smaller e-learning projects you do need to be aware of the licensing costs. It can get very expensive if you feel you need to buy into the full feature set. However, having worked on many e-learning projects over the years I feel LifterLMS offers good value for money. It’s not the only plugin option available for Wordpress (it's well worth looking at LearnDash too) and all systems have their pros and cons. That said, I’ve been really impressed by LifterLMS and if you are currently weighing up your options for an e-learning delivery and management system that would work well alongside your Wordpress systems, I would urge you to check it out.