Our Approach

We build websites that are crafted to meet your specific needs. We provide design, content strategy, SEO, hosting and support. Your project is back-stopped by two decades of experience and an approach that's proven to work.

Our approach to building your website

Our approach to design is one of co-creation, working together for the best outcome. We work with you to realise your aspirations for your website and use our expertise to structure, advise and support. Working together, we make sure that your website is built with your audiences in mind and that all decisions on design, structure and navigation serve your users’ desire to complete a task, whether to find specific information, make a transaction or access your services directly.

We run workshops with you at the start of a project to build a clear picture of your target audiences and what they hope to achieve through the site.

We work with you to define and implement your digital brand

We know that you have thought a lot about your values and how they can be conveyed by the language and tone of the words and images. Using our branding and graphics expertise, we will work with you to turn your values into a digital presence. We do not have an in-house style - the style of the website will be dictated by your preferences and the impact any branding decisions will have on the target audience. 

We make sure you get a better return on investment

Your site will be a good fit for your target audience because it's well understood before build starts, cheaper to run after it's launched and longer lasting because of our Continuous Improvement process.

Our process goes the extra mile to make sure we are building something that dovetails with your target audience. This intelligence feeds into your Content Strategy, fitting with your internal resources for creating and managing content.

We bake into our proposals a Continuous Improvement Process to ensure that the site remains up-to-date and adapts to the changing needs of your target audience.

Many agencies can build a nice-looking website, but you may find that your website needs replacing wholesale after two or three years as content becomes poorly structured and no longer meets your changing needs. Life doesn't have to be like this. We use analytics to monitor that the site is achieving your KPIs and each quarter we work with you to identify where it can be made even more effective. We then set aside time for refinements that target improvements in your KPIs. Our commitment to aftercare and ability to improve the site over time means that your site lasts longer and you get more from your initial investment.

Working with Sereno was an easy, stress-free experience. They really listened to our needs, found creative solutions to challenges and built us a beautiful website.

Alison Burrell, Senior Fundraising and Communications Manager