Audience & SEO

Our co-design activities partner your subject matter expertise with our technical expertise to make the best most useful and effective site for your target audiences.

Audience Research

We work with you to develop your understanding of your audience to maximise the usefulness of your website. We have a tried and trusted process for developing user profiles, user stories and journeys. We convert this understanding into an effective digital strategy and website design. We run this process face-to-face with you in a series of workshops.

Currently, under Covid-19 regulations we are now running these workshops effectively using online tools like Zoom. In this way, we can all stay safe and be effective.


We help you with all aspects of SEO. We will help you align your organisational goals and KPIs to your SEO strategy. We assist you to set targets and make sense of analytics data. We then work with you to make effective improvements to your content, site organisation and SEO performance. 

Quarterly reviews of search data are built into our support plans.

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