Addaction Intranet


  • SharePoint intranet replacement - but built entirely in Drupal
  • secure, flexible integration with other internal services
  • easy content editing - streamlined to save staff time
  • file-sharing solution for accessing a back-end Windows server
  • support and maintenance package

Addaction is one of the UK’s leading and largest specialist drug, alcohol and mental health treatment charities. They manage 120 services from Cornwall to Scotland - helping adults, young people, families and communities to change for the better.


A licence-free Sharepoint replacement system built entirely in Drupal, but linked seamlessly into a suite of internal HR and learning tools within the charity's network. An easy-to-manage news and communication hub; document management using a Windows file server back-end.


Rapid development, tailored exactly to meet the needs of a specific organisation structure and offering huge cost benefits over rival systems.

Addaction intranet on a laptop and mobile device

Sereno work brilliantly in partnership, and have collaborated closely with us to shape and adapt our plans within our budgets so we can achieve more for our money. They are technically savvy, whilst being transparent and able to convert technical solutions into everyday language.

Karen Tyrell, Executive Director of Communications