Inclusive Infrastructure

Website build

The long-term goal of this project is to contribute to the inclusive provision of infrastructure to off-grid settlements in cities across Africa and Asia. We worked with the global team to produce an easy-to-adminsister website that would help share the latest research across this area of the international academic community.

This website is built as part of a wider project to create a professional site as a repeatable template. The same template can be used to produce completely customisable branding and organisation. This is a second instance of multiple site creation for the University of Sussex's Global Studies team.

Client feedback

"I am very pleased with our Inclusive Urban Infrastructure website and associated logo, and I would certainly recommend Sereno’s services."

Sunnit Bagree, Communications Manager


  • easy to use Wordpress administration system
  • reusable design template to enable cloned site
  • customised research database
  • support and hosting package