National Survivor User's Network

Website build

NSUN were looking to replace an existing website with something fresh, easier to manage and that would be better suited to meet the needs of their audiences. They also wanted to bring across a lot of existing content such as blogs, news and research while at the same time get help developing new, more targeted content.

We worked with NSUN to look in detail at their audiences and their needs. Together we built a set of user journeys and site designs that would help meet the diverse needs of the website's community.

Existing content was successfully imported which sped up site rebuild considerably. The new site was built in Wordpress.

Client feedback

"Creating a new website is not always the easiest experience, especially when working to a tight deadline, but Sereno made it incredibly stress-free and enjoyable. The process was smooth and transparent, and throughout, Sereno were flexible, attentive and responsive. They took the time to understand us and our work, and the process was collaborative and generative. I could not recommend them more highly."

Akiko Hart, Chief Executive Officer


  • quick turnaround
  • hugley improved design
  • export & import of old site data
  • compete restructure of site data to faciltate better information retrieval
  • advanced site building tools for editors
  • support and hosting package


NSUN website and mobile screenshot
See the site at