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Website build

National Voices is the coalition of health and social care charities in England. They work for a strong patient and citizen voice and services built around people. They are a membership organisation of over 140 charities.

They needed more than a standard site build. As membership is crucial to their success, they had to find a compelling and easy to use set of secure tools to allow members to discuss, share ideas and innovations and access resources.

Sereno worked with the team to understand thoroughly the different groups and audiences the site needed to reach. They embarked on discovery workshops to sketch out site aims and build a shared set of user journeys. 

Site build took place over a number of sprints, hitting the launch date and coming in within budget.

After site launch, the team learnt from site traffic evidence and used our innovative Continuous Improvement process to evolve the site and serve our user groups more effectively. The solution was flexible enough to respond quickly to National Voices' changing needs.

Client feedback

"My experience of Sereno is that they are methodical, well informed and accommodating. From initial discovery and analysis, through building user journey, to continuous improvement after launch, they have been on hand to advise and support. A dedicated contact point at Sereno has been fantastic. They have consistently helped us to understand the technical aspects of the site whilst working to find solutions that meet our ambitions."

Andrew McCracken, Head of Communications


  • site traffic improves by a step-change: users up 37%, page views up 47%
  • new community tools promote discussion and resource sharing amongst charity's membership and their identified user groups
  • principle of 'low-maintenance' baked in - making best use of staff time
  • flexible solution, improved continuously via evidence feedback and user research
  • support and hosting package
National Voices website on a laptop and mobile device
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