NHS TCCP Intranet

Website and intranet

South Downs Health NHS Trust's Transforming Chronic Care Partnership (TCCP) needed a fully content managed site to promote early intervention and prevention in the management of long-term chronic illnesses. It needed to be built with open source technologies and aligned with NHS brand guidelines.

Sereno ran a series of Project Discovery sessions which dug into user research to understand the audience. The team then designed and prototyped the software. Development took place through a number of sprints, and the product was launched successfully on time and within budget.

Feature Highlights

  • a product designed around understood user groups
  • bullet-proof site security meeting NHS standards
  • easy editor tools to allow content management without friction
  • community tools - including shared event calendaring, news, document sharing and discussion forums
  • group access provided tools and resources depending on login
  • secure hosting and support