Vet Helpline Site

Website application

VBF, the UK's national charity for the veterinary profession, asked us to move their existing helpline system online to enable vets and allied professionals to get the help they need anonymously through the web. Our solution was developed in Drupal to provide a secure, easy-to-use system for those needing help. The administration system provides automated alerts, rota management and timely notifications - all delivered anonymously to secure the identity of those involved. Automated reports allow the charity to track usage.

The first online system for vets and veterinary nurses in the UK to be able to seek help anonymously through the web - delivered on time and on budget.

Client feedback

"Sereno understood that we need a quick response to support requests to keep our essential service running, and do a great job of service support."

Rosie Allister, Director


  • secure system allowing web visitors to sign up and present issues easily and safely
  • easy tools to run rotas of volunteers to engage and monitor threads
  • reporting applications for tracking activity
  • timely alerts and notifications
  • secure https hosting and support



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