Women and Girls Network

Website build

Women and Girls Network needed a new website supporting their services for women affected by violence and abuse. They needed a brand new look and fresh content for their site; a design which spoke about their day-to-day business together with a separate young women's section which struck its own distinctive tone within the overall site brand.

Sereno worked with Women and Girls Network to build a set of user journeys through the site. This ensured that their critical services and tools were available and findable for their different user groups - some of whom were likely to be at risk while browsing.

Having agreed the designs, Sereno built a high quality website that is easy to edit and use. Solution included integration with usability tools from BrowseAloud and a chat facility.

Client feedback

"It looks great and instantly approachable, positive and welcoming."

"Amazing creative, sleek, simply divine! A really beautiful piece of work. Easy to follow information for anyone."

"How on earth you managed to simplify the complexity I will never know. I take my hat off to you..."


  • fast site build
  • sensitive design
  • true multi-section capability
  • training publicity and management of waiting lists
  • usability tools from BrowseAloud
  • chat service integration
  • support and hosting package


Women and Girls Network - desktop and mobile
See the site at https://www.wgn.org.uk/